The Myths of Stretching

Why we chose to offer this workshop

This topic was chosen to stir debate, prompt questions and clarify a few common misunderstandings about stretching!

With the professional insight of Joanna Speller, we hope this 5 hours workshop will shed some light onto commonly asked questions about stretching. In our experience, most clients’ setup incorrectly for a pose or stretch and the outcome is very often “I don’t feel it”.

More often than not, they are stretching the incorrect muscles, which over time can defeat the purpose of adding stretches into a workout.
For example, how often do clients reveal that a stretch meant to target the hamstrings is ending up in their lower backs? We’re hoping that you’ll leave with a greater appreciation of the value of stretching and some inspiration on how to add them safely into a workout – whether at the beginning, during or at the end!

We look forward to having you there! See you soon!