Studio³ Continuing Education Program

Studio³ Continuing Education Program

In March 2012, Studio³ will be introducing a 2-streamed Pilates Continuing Education program. Designed for the Pilates professional, we are committed to providing workshops that are informative, affordable and time-efficient.

The Studio³ Cornerstone Series® are workshops aimed to inspire instructors to go deeper with what they’ve learned in prior educational programs. The workshops are designed to provide a more thorough understanding of how to find new programming ideas and focuses within a time honored repertoire of Pilates exercises. Additionally, the Cornerstone Series® will present workshops that focus on the business and time management aspects that are vital parts of the Pilates industry.

Our March Cornerstone Workshop will take a better look at the Introductory Pilates Session.

In our April Cornerstone Workshop we’ll work on creating a more exciting and diversified Intermediate Equipment-based workout.

The Studio³ Specialized Programming Series® will focus on providing instructors with workouts and programs that place an emphasis on the individual client. Specifically, this series will serve to further educate Pilates instructors so that they are prepared and equipped to work with a diverse clientele who demand specialized programming.

In our March Specialized Programming Workshop we’ll focus on how to program in order to strengthen and stabilize the hip joint.

And please join us for our April Specialized Programming Workshop as we discuss programming options for the feet and lower legs.

To register: Please send an email to Carla Hales at to secure a spot in your selected workshop.

A 25% non-refundable deposit is needed within one week of your registration.

Full payment is due on the day of the workshop. Please indicate in your email the name and date of the workshop. Studio³ reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule workshops. In the unlikely event that a workshop is cancelled, all deposits and payments will be fully refunded.

Studio³ also invites instructors to take a look at our blog geared towards the Pilates practitioner. Extend is an easy way to gain information pertinent to your profession and stay connected with interesting approaches and insight into teaching Pilates and being a Pilates instructor.

As well, please visit Connect, a blog site maintained by the instructors of Studio³ that aims to keep clients and enthusiasts informed and educated about Pilates, Yoga and much more.