T.O.R.S – Task Oriented Reactive Stability CLASSES starting in March at Studio3


tor /tôr/noun plural: tors: meaning hill or rocky peak.

We’re keeping that definition in mind as we emphasize Task Oriented Reactive Stability.

What’s that mean for you?
It means functional sequences to increase your strength in balance.

It means building on the movement tasks we do every day and challenging them so that your reaction in an unstable environment (stairs, curbs, street, hiking trails, bikes, ice) is driven by strength, proprioception and stability, not hesitation or lack or control.

It means developing transferable strength that goes from the studio to everyday life. It means confidence in moving forward and upward.

Classes will include: Pilates Reformers ,Cadillac, standing spring system, free weights, core, balance and coordination work.

Starting in March, join us. Every Monday & Friday from 10am-10:45am

Level:  Absolutely everyone and all levels.

To register: Please visit our schedule.

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