Ah Rom Lee

What is Pilates to you in 3 words?

Strength. Realigning. Dynamic Control.

Why I love to teach

I love teaching Pilates because it is rewarding to see people find a deeper connection to their bodies through different movements. Teaching Pilates becomes meaningful when clients start building their mind-body connection and progress to the next level by getting stronger, more aligned and better connected. Everyone’s body is different so I love the challenge of teaching Pilates to adapt it to so that every client can connect and retain their strength!


  • STOTT Zenga Instructor Foundation Course, Level 1 (Toronto, Canada, 2019)
  • STOTT Pilates Full Comprehensive Program Certification (Toronto, Canada, 2018)
  • B.A., Psych. & Bus. Admin, (Yonsei University, South Korea, 2009)

Continuing Education

  • Cueing & Modifications on the Reformer for a Client with Postural Issues (Toronto, Canada, 2018)
  • Movement of the Upper Quadrant: Thoracic, Cervical and Shoulder Girdle (Toronto, Canada, 2019)