Jeff Ong

What is Pilates to you in 3 words?

Neuromuscular Exercise. Resistance training. Integration Movement.

Why I love to teach

I love teaching people how to integrate their musculoskeletal system and nervous system in order to move their body in the desired patterns. It is meaningful to see how teaching movement helps the body to be functional in any given task.


  • Member of Ontario Osteopathic Association (2017)
  • Graduate of the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy (Hamilton, Canada, 2016)
  • Instructor Trainer for Merrithew/STOTT Pilates (Toronto, Canada, 2008)
  • STOTT Pilates Full Comprehensive Program Certification (Toronto, Canada, 2007)
  • B.A., Nutritional Science (National University of Malaysia, 2000)

Continuing Education

  • A curved tensegrity approach to Cranial Osteopathy: The Arbuckle Approach (Indianapolis, USA, 2019)
  • Retained Primitive Reflexes: An Osteopathy Approach (Indianapolis, USA, 2019)
  • AT Stills’ Approach to Foot and Ankle (Hamilton, Canada, 2019)
  • Clinical Pearl Workshop: Direct and Indirect Treatment to Osteopathy (Oklahoma City, USA, 2018)
  • A Sutural Approach to Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (Oklahoma City, USA, 2018)
  • Sutherland’s Approach to Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (Hamilton, Canada, 2018)
  • Sequencing 1: The Art of Finding the Key (Indianapolis, USA, 2018)
  • Erik Franklin Workshops (Toronto, Canada, 2012)
  • Movement Solution 1 (London, UK, 2012)
  • Anatomy Train for Movement Therapist (Boston, USA, 2009)

Workshop Development

  • Movement of the Upper Quadrant: Thoracic, Cervical and Shoulder Girdle (2019)
  • Functionality and Biomechanics of the Hip, Knee and Foot (2019)