Customized Packages: Focused training options designed to suit your needs

Private/Tandem/Private Groups

Private Sessions

Your time is important. That’s why we focus on your specific goals and needs.

With every program designed to work towards the results you want, our private sessions are designed with your specific goals and needs in mind.

Working with one of our highly trained instructors, our 1 on 1 Sessions are the most effective way to focus on your unique needs. All Pilates equipment is used in private training.

Single Session $140
6 Sessions$348 ($58/participant)
10 Sessions$550($55/participant)
20 Sessions$1040($52/participant)
40 Sessions$2000($50/participant)

Tandem Sessions (2 people)

Tandem Sessions are a great way to achieve your fitness goals while motivating one another within the setting of a private session. Enjoy these sessions with a friend, family member, partner or co-worker and share the fun as well as the cost.

Single Session $60/Session
5 Sessions$55/Session
10 Sessions$52/Session

**Prices are Per Person

Private Groups

Try a class with the added comfort of knowing everyone in the room.

Private group sessions are a great way to turn exercising into a fun, focused and regular commitment that is about health, exercise and connecting with one another.

Private group classes require all 3 participants to enrol regularly into the scheduled class time. All group participants will be charged for a booked group class regardless of attendance.

Please contact us at for booking and details.

Single Session $35
5 Sessions$150
10 Sessions$300

Prices are per person. HST is not included in prices shown.