Lower Extremity Functional Anatomy and Programming Sequences


Sunday, December 1, 2019


1pm – 5pm


Jeff Ong and Carla Ricalis


$125 plus HST

Join senior Pilates instructors Jeff Ong and Carla Ricalis as they focus on the lower extremity in this 4 hours workshop.

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner Jeff Ong will provide a clear and concise review of the anatomy of the lower extremity with a lecture that will include the individual biomechanics of the joints and their integrated functionality.

Studio3 owner and instructor Carla Ricalis will build upon Jeff’s discussion with innovative programming sequences using the Reformer and small equipment.

Expand and refresh your knowledge base with sequences that emphasize functionality, endurance, movement and stability.

Ideal for

Certified instructors and instructors-in-training with Mat and Reformer knowledge.


Functional anatomy: biomechanics, joint structure, integrated movements of the joints and their co-dependence in stability and mobility.

Programming sequences: several exercises interconnected for various levels of clients strength and awareness that include mobility, stability, balance, endurance and strength building.

Skills Training & Development Program for Mat & Reformer 2020